wow this is really neat it took my eyes a minute to see who it was....

Aaaaw this is that guy at the end of series 5 that came on and said "this is a nice town, wonder what I can do here" then it went off dam I need series 6 more than ever!

Ichigo and Aizen....funny how the good guy looks a little evil in this while the evil guy looks good

Line by Kurosaki Ichigo and Aizen Sousuke belongs to - Tite Kubo © Bleach / Original Art by - Tite Kubo © Ichigo vs Aizen

Komamura after undergoing the forbidden human transformation technique.  Who knew he was this handsome?

Lineart and color by me - aConst Bleach - © Tite Kubo Komamura Sajin Evolution - Bleach

Kenpachi Zaraki

myopicat: “ “Bleach x Divine Gate Collaboration Art Part 2 / 2 (with Units’ Name and N°) ” ”


Crunchyroll - "Divine Gate" RPG Mixes It Up with "Bleach" in Latest Crossover

Don't Mess with Shinji by on @deviantART - Hirako Shinji from Anime Bleach - Fanart

(Is hoarding tons of fan arts of him) Anyway, Shinji is awesome with a glare on his face! Don't Mess with Shinji