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Immortals - Theseus and Lysander

Like Eldred (Elisabeth Wheatley)

D'Artagnan on

The Musketeers - Luke Pasqualino as D'Artagnan

He looks confused. This looks like a freeze frame at the beginning of a comedy, and he's gonna say something along the lines of "I knew I shouldn't have gotten out of bed this morning"

Game of Thrones by Dima Catcher

"Hello, Gents. Nice to see you again. Now if you wouldn't mind, please step away from the pretty lady." -Fred saving Ruka

Robin Dunne - Beyond Sherwood Forest. I had mixed feelings about this movie." >< But, Robin Dunne is hot, so ya know, lol.

Godric Gryffindor jovem

Sebastian Ströbel as Godric Gryffindor

Henry Cavill

Immortals - Henry Cavill "no one puts amanda in a corner!

Black Sails Photos | STARZ

Black Sails Photos | STARZ

Analise Brogen the Cleric of the Kry

Analise Brogen the Cleric of the Kry

character inspiration

Emilie of Duras - Emma Lowndes in The Musketeers, set in the (BBC TV series

Will Scarlet - Scott Grimes in Robin Hood (2010).

Will Scarlet - Scott Grimes in Robin Hood

The White Princess Starz

The official website for The White Princess, a STARZ Original Series based on Phillipa Gregory’s best-selling books, featuring videos, photos, and more.

My knight in shining armor <3

Henry Cavill- Tudor nobleman, Man of Steel, it's all good.

Character #inspiration.

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شباب عرب Arab guys

Abdul Mannan - celebrating Pakistani culture with a focus on the fashion and film industries. >>perfect face claim for Sarin (except his skin is.

this is Hartley. I don't care what other pictures i have ever pinned, this is exactly him. Personality and face and smile, perfectly captured

which often gets stuck behind his solemn musketeer face.

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"The Princess of Montpensier"