♂ Masculine interior design home with  Futuristic Bathroom - I'd need something more orthogonal however...

The most recent Roca Gallery to be opened is in London. Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, the Roca London Gallery is located in Chelsea Harbour and is in size. The leading role is played by the water that, in the words of Zaha Hadid,.

Urbanización Ciudad Blanca, Alcudia, (Oriol Maspons / Julio Ubiña, Mallorca, 1964) del arquitecto Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza.

La España futura del siglo pasado

Cultural Education Center — Wallace Harrison/Max Abramovitz (1961)

architectureofdoom: “italdred: “ (by coherent_noise) ” Cultural Education Center, Albany, NY. Wallace Harrison/Max Abramovitz, View this on the map ”

Hermès Paper Pavillon by Shigeru Ban at Milano Design Week.

Constructed for Beijing Design Week the ‘Ban’ pavilion draws inspiration from floral petals in the way the shape of the flower is created by its bent petals. Designed by Orproject, Ban is constructed from bent polymer sheets which form a self-support

Church of Water, by Yadao Ando / Tomamu, Japan

The best 16 examples of amazing and unique modern church design, structures made in the tradition of elevating the soul, without the usual cultural shorthand.

Madrid Torres Blancas  Saenz de Oiza - 1961

Architecture - Modern design : Torre Blancas / Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza, Madrid, Spain, 1969 __ The Torr.

John M Johansen, Goddard Library

Goddard Library, Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts, 1968 (John M. Johansen) My future library!

Dutch Embassy in Amman / Rudy Uytenhaak

Dutch Embassy in Amman / Rudy Uytenhaak

Completed in 2010 in Amman, Jordan. Intercultural inspiration Amman is a fast-growing city entirely made up of buildings in local natural stone: not only the well-off neighbourhoods.