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Okay I think I just nerded out so hard I may have sprained something!!! Mereen, Tyrion's life getting even more complicated, Sansa heading for higher ground, and Jaime with the White Book!!!!

Game of Thrones: Season 4 footage (gifset by super-f-r-i-e-n-d-s) OMG it needs to HURRY UP and get here!

The moment we all fell in love with Sansa

Sansa Stark Rocks. Fact.

This was the first moment Sansa Stark made me feel anything but annoyance or disgust.

Thank you to whoever did this... I re-watched the scene like 5 times trying to see the poison vial get taken!

I re-watched the scene like 5 times trying to see the poison vial get taken! How did it get in the wine though that Joff would drink? So much was left to chance which doesn't seem like the Tyrells

Mesakke panjenengan, Mas, mas... #koinpedulijorah #butuhrelawan

Poor Jorah Mormont Is The Most Friendzoned Character On "Game Of Thrones" Just about peed my pants laughing at this one.

and there was sass all around

sorry Tywin. your kids are more screwed up than the Tyrells.

Princess Bride/Game of Thrones "Hello. My name is Oberyn Martell. You killed my sister. Prepare to die." OMYGOODNESS THE ACCURACY

After watching the Rains of Castamere (GoT S3 spoilers)

Princess Bride Game of Thrones Rains of Castamere Red Wedding reaction meme

I'd love if Sam and Gilly had a child of their own. But you know Sam will always think of Gilly's son as his own, and her son will always think of Sam as "father". Unless Martin is shitty, and kills one or all of them off.

Gilly holding Little Sam and Lady Tarly. Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6

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Game of Thrones Facts