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Black cat open casting call for the 1961 Edgar Allan Poe film, Tales of Terror. The kitties look so confused!

These adorable black cats all gathered for an open casting call for the 1961 Edgar Allan Poe film, Tales of Terror.

You really think that YOUR cat is more talented than MY Whiskers????  Black Cat Auditions - Hollywood, 1961

Hollywood audition for black cat, 1961 Love It! I'd totally take my cats to an audition.if I could just get them on a leash.

Catshelf Some catnip can help you catnap on a cat shelf!


"Purring would seem to be, in her case, an automatic safety valve device for dealing with happiness overflow" Monica Edwards

Do you love cats?  Then this may be the perfect cellphone case for you.  On sale now for only $15! #cats

All You Need is a Cat Case

very cute Photo by Rizsavi Tamá

18 Reason Why Cats Talking To You So Much - MEOW

'Can I come with you to watch you take Photos please Dad? I do fit in your Camera Case' - Funny Cat in a Camera Bag

Weekly Inspirations Part 2 photo Audrey Kitching's photos

Humor is a terrible thing to waste, always be silly, laugh often and smile always!

هههههههههههههه بيعملوا كدا عندى وانا والعيال كمان

Sphynx cats Scamsters: Is Cheating Cat Lovers By Selling Them Shaved Kittens

* * WHITE CAT: "He stole me thunder! Either slow on de uptake, or he didz dat on purpose.