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14th Century Star Map  *

Cheonsang Yeolcha Bunyajido is a Korean star map, copies of which were spread nationwide in the Joseon Dynasty. The name is sometimes translated as "chart of the constellations and the regions they govern.

turn of the century star map or celestial calendar constellations via 2bitsstudio

Turn of the century star map or celestial calendar constellations via I guess "turn of the century" refers to the century turning into the century?


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So beautiful and right over Britian

antique Constellation star map circa vintage map of stars visible in Britain Astronomy star chart blue white the constellations

Map Circle

Map Circle Circle over a map with just the land areas filled in with black pen dots. (Exhibited in the Jerwood Drawing Prize

1950's Original Stars & Constellations Maps by oddlyends on Etsy, $34.00

Original Stars & Constellations Maps Hemispheres Vintage Astronomy Astrology Prints Illustration Reverse onto negative space for background

Antique Celestial circles

an idea for door handles Star maps Antique Celestial circles, Astronomical Charts

Orbits of the Planets

Orbit of the Planets plate from "Smith's Illustrated Astronomy" by Asa Smith, published by Cady and Burgess, New York City, 1850

[Europe as a Queen] - Sebastian Munster, 1544

QUEEN: Europe as a Queen, Basel, handcolored, Map Maker: Sebastian Munster

Gábor Kerekes, from the Stars series, 1980’s.

fuckyeahartandscience: “ Gábor Kerekes, from the Stars series, ”

Grafik: Weltbilder

Grafik: Weltbilder

waiting too.....

would be a nice steampunk design. so beautiful allthingsstrange: Ornate and complex astronomy charts from Tibet. Align the stars