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Varna Palace, 1971

Varna Restaurant in The Varna Restaurant, also called the Varna Palace or Varna Palæet, in Århus, Denmark. The original restaurant is a reknowned, eye-popping marvel of color theory and artis…

Varna Palace, 1971

Verner Panton never limited himself only to the order of single objects, but put them always in a context, incorporated the whole space with his creation. The best example: the Varna Palace in Arhus/Denmark in which a restaurant was accommodated.

iCloud-nine Blog • Visiona 2 - Panton 1970 The 1970 'Visona 2'...

“ Verner Panton, Visiona furniture fair, Cologne, 1970 ” but why isn’t this my bedroom?

Verner Panton

Verner Panton

Verner Pantone

Der Spiegel offices - interior by Verner Panton

varna restaurant 1971 2

The Trippy Varna Restaurant In Århus, Denmark, by Verner Panton (1971

Varna Restaurant, Århus, Denmark, Designed by Verner Panton.

Hotell Astoria Vernon Panton design_2

Astoria Hotel in Trondheim, Norway by Verner Pantone 1960

ヴェルナー・パントン展@東京オペラシティアートギャラリー | フクヘン。- 編集者/美術ジャーナリスト 鈴木芳雄のブログ

ヴェルナー・パントン展@東京オペラシティアートギャラリー | フクヘン。- 編集者/美術ジャーナリスト 鈴木芳雄のブログ

I think Luke @yellowtrace sums it up well "If the crew from ‘A Clockwork Orange’ had their own cruise ship, the innards would look a lot like this"! Verner Panton Interiors // Restaurant Varna via yellowtrace.com.au

Verner Panton Interiors // Restaurant Varna & Spiegel Verlagshaus

Let’s look back at some of the amazing Verner Panton Interiors – Restaurant Varna & Spiegel Verlagshaus «

Verner Panton  Astoria Hotel  1960

Verner Panton, Astoria Hotel, - Loved by

Vernon Panton canteen design

Vernon Panton canteen design


Verner Panton, furniture exhibition in Basel, Mobile furniture and barboy for Storz & Palmer and Metzeler, shell lamps.

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whatjamesdrawws: “ sadesmoothoperator: “Visiona 2 by Verner Panton ” ”

by Verner Panton

Design by Verner Panton

Spiegel Publishing House, Hamburg #VernerPanton

Der Spiegel offices by Verner Panton

green, #green, #green

loud n funky Verner Panton Interiors // Restaurant Varna & Spiegel Verlagshaus.