Orin belt, Gilberto "Soren" Zaragoza on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/9zZoo

Orion belt, Gilberto "Soren" Zaragoza

[via tumblr: phobso: Demonesses and succubus for ‘’Demonslayer’’ of Bubble comics]

phobso: “Demonesses and succubus for ‘’Demonslayer’’ of Bubble comics, working on this series now and very happy ”

Nicholas Ballesteros (2013)

"Memento Mori ( The Grotte Vaticane )" by Nicholas Ballesteros



Virgin by Ricardo Santos

Virgin by Ricardo Santos

Angel of Death from Hellboy II

Hellboy II Angel of Death Created by Spectral Motion photo © Doktor A


☽ I howl at the rising moon ☾ - jamesjeffers: sǣkonungr

"I live for mysteries, for the untouchables; I can't believe there is only one reality. I also can't always think about dreams and ethereal characters. Mi life isn't like that. I am also made of flesh and a touch of ruin, and metal and some hysterical dark humor. Angry laughing, lust and earthlings. I am like that, I am stardust and a spit of blood." [Cristina Francov]

Let us never forget that the snake has long been a symbol of women's power. Let us reclaim it! The Serpent Queen Rules