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Resultado de imagen para planta del agua

Resultado de imagen para planta del agua

There are a number of beautiful indoor plants that do well in low light situations. Many are also low maintenance and thrive on neglect!

Gorgeous Indoor Plants that LOVE the Dark

Prunus Serrulata Japanese Sakura Flowering Cherry Bonsai Tree Seed ** Check this awesome product by going to the link at the image.

예쁜소나무~^^ 지누씨는 작은 식물을 사랑해요~^^


Pine Cone + Soil + Water + Sunshine = Pine Tree HOW did I never know this? Explains where this new little pine tree came from!

We use to have one of these beautiful wisteria plants. Gorgeous bonsais here... i would so love one of these

How to Grow Wisteria in a Pot

Purple Wisteria in a pot. We saw so many beautiful Wisteria plants in the Alameda neighborhood on our coffee adventure last art

Growing Pomegranate Bonsai From Seed

Growing Pomegranate Bonsai From Seed I won't bother with the bonsai part, but I have pomegranate seeds right now.

Juniper Bonsai ♣

Medium Rock Juniper

Juniper bonsai trees have always been the most commonly associated subject of bonsai trees. The juniper bonsai tree's bushy style along with flexible trunk makes the bonsai tree very easy to train and shape with wiring. Bonsai trees are wise and youthful!

Portulacaria afra (dwarf jade) bonsai forest started from a garden center plant. 6 years in training. The first picture shows how I started the group using rocks to keep the trunks upright. Then for the next few years I constantly pruned to achieve the overall shape. The last picture shows the group in April 2014. Still nowhere near complete but that's the best part of bonsai. It's never finished.

Portulacaria afra (dwarf jade) bonsai forest started from a garden center plant. 6 years in training.

What bonsai tools do you consider essential for getting started? See which three made our list for beginner bonsai growers, and which you can hold off on when you're just starting out.

Bonsai Care for Beginners: Three Essential Tools You'll Need

Want to try the art of bonsai? These 3 bonsai techniques can be mastered by beginner bonsai growers with minimal investment in bonsai tools and material.

A Hobbit home with bonsai with look so cute in the garden or on the patio. Shoot, I would have it inside my house!

Unique and Creative Fairy Gardens Lots of Tips and Ideas! Including, from bonsai empire, step by steps of this cool hobbit house project.