I don't shave for Sherlock Holmes.

To the tune of Taylor Swift's Shake It Off Can somebody explain me why I find it so funny?

"I have a treat for you"         16 Times Benedict Cumberbatch Was The World's Sexiest Sherlock

16 Times Benedict Cumberbatch Was The World's Sexiest Sherlock

"Gladstone says he's starving!" Haha, after John and Sherlock are (hopefully) almost back to normal, I reeeeeaally want this to happen! :))

Actually, I've always thought that in season 4 they would introduce Gladstone. Since John will probably find out about Redbeard, and get Sherlock a dog.

Mostly pinning for that last one. Wowza! I like it. (And I'm a bit the same)

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Part of me wonders if Sherlock chose John because he knew Mycroft would suffer. That caption lol. I swear, John's sass reaches an ultimate level every single time he's around Mycroft haha.

I adore these two.

The second part, when Ben talks about Martin, sounds like something many members my family (myself included) would do at random.

John's face.

John's face is my face when I'm being a derp face and running into doors and walls and somehow get cuts from where I never thought you could get a cut. like a bathroom stall