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Selket represents vigilance,magic,protection and healing. November 1st.

Isis: ancient Egyptian looked to her on matters of motherhood, fertility, marital devotion, healing the sick, and the working of magical spells and charms.

Sekhmet Goddess of divine  retribution. Mother of Nefertem.Wife of Ptah.

(The Original Thundercat) Sekhmet Sketch Card - Craig Yeung by *Pernastudios on deviantART

Ravynne Phelan - Sekhmet

The cyber home of visionary tarot and oracle author, artist, and spiritualist, Ravynne Phelan a.

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Египетская Бастет кошка богиня Опираясь на Свеча Колонный Статуя # WU76698A4 Ручной росписью, Тяжелые, Тонкие пастельных тонах и Бронзовый Смола ручной отполированной отделкой Основание: 3 "х 3,25" х 11 " Основание: 7,62 х 8,89 см х 27,94 см см высотой Он может вместить большую свечу около 1 3/4 дюймов в диаметре (4,44 см диаметром) или просто быть Бастет, прислонившись древнего столбчатой структуры.

Egyptian Goddess Bast Bastet Cat Statue Leaning on Candle Pillar #WU76698A4

So cats became animals sacred to the solar deity. Egyptian Bast Bastet Cat Goddess Cat Leaning on Candle Pillar Statue. This beautiful depiction of the cat headed Egyptian Goddess Bast is something to see.

Hathor, The Golden One by sekhmet-the-flame.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Sekhmet: warrior goddess and a patron of healers, as both a creative and destructive force; but above all, she is the protector of Ma’at (balance or justice) and referred to as “The One Who Loves Ma’at and Who Detests Evil.