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Osprey dive into the water to catch fish. Its really cool to see.

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Fish can fly too. Photo by unknown author This is an Osprey (Fish Eagle)

Osprey bringing in breakfast to the nest

Ospreys (female) bringing in breakfast for Dad

Fresh fish!

Osprey hunting a Carp Fish! This carp's jaw appears to have dropped in surprise at being suddenly plucked from its home pond and whisked away to be this osprey's fish supper.


The Osprey (Pandion haliaetus), sometimes known as the sea hawk, fish eagle or fish hawk, is a diurnal, fish-eating bird of prey.


Osprey - This raptor lives all around the world and is slightly different from eagles and hawks because of its specialized claws. It is an excellent fish hunter.

Fly Fishing - Osprey - Pandion haliaetus

Osprey going into catch a fish. They feed almost entirely on fish.


Flying Fish - A Scottish Osprey plucking another Rainbow trout from the water. taken from the hide at Rothiemurchus. Photo by Richard Steel.




Majestic eagle with baby

Osprey fishing ... Beautiful wingspread!

Give and take, Osprey catching dinner by John&Fish via flicker .Awesome photo love it ,the span of those wings !



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The Red-tailed Hawk is a bird of prey known in the U. as the chicken-hawk, tho it rarely preys on standard sized chickens. It breeds in most of North America, from W Alaska & N Canada as far south as Panama & the West Indies.

White-tailed Hawk

White-tailed Hawk , Buse à queue blanche, (Buteo albicaudatus) Beautiful !

great egret  (photo by linda gilbert)

White Egret - Stunning Photo by Greg Magee

Wait, I saw something move! Right over there. Fancy a quick bite?

Wait, I saw something move! Right over there. Fancy a quick bite?

Source :flying of birds

Source :flying of birds