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http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-religion/989937/posts  Blessed Mary and Jesus -  Father LeBar says evil spirits react strongly to the Name of Jesus, and to the Archangel Michael. "Besides those, the demon does not like to hear the name of the Blessed Virgin ... when we  invoke the intercession of Blessed Mary to help us, this invariably gets some kind of reaction, and St. Michael sometimes and I invoked St. John Vianney ... The devil was not happy with that."

Blessed Mary an ordinary woman who was blessed by God. She said do whatever He, Jesus tells you to do.

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The 30 Best Pieces Of Career Advice for Young Women

2 Corn. 6:14 Be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers.VS.17 Come out from them,be separate,saith The Most High,touch not the unclean thing & I will receive you. We are called to come out of them,not to join them willingly!1 Corn.10:20&21.I say,the things the Gentiles sacrifice,they sacrifice to devils,not to The Most High,If ye should have fellowship with devils. Ye can't drink the cup of The Most High & the cup of devils, can't be partakers of The Most High's table & the table of…

Grip of Reality_"Do not be misled: Bad company CORRUPTS good character. I Corinthians Guard your heart more than anything else; because the source of your life flows from it. Proverbs Socialization--positive and negative / BIBLE IN MY LANGUAGE

Moon Goddess.         Acrylic painting on canvas by Isabelbryna

"Pink Moon Ocean Goddess" artwork by Isabel Bryna. A creative collaboration with Crystal

She is known within the fashion industry for being the world's oldest working model as of the Spring/Summer 2012 season. She was on the cov...

Carmen is beautiful! Carmen Dell’Orefice (born June is 80 years old right now. She is the oldest model in the world modeling for the last 66 years, placing herself in the Guinness Book of World Records. Kudos to this beautiful woman!

Cupid's arrow heels

12 Shoes for 12 Lovers by Sebastian Errazuriz: Part 1

Heart Breaker Shoe - Fellas, beware of the woman who wears these Heart Breaker Shoes, for you are almost definitely in danger of getting hurt. The glamorous high heels .

Nice Veloso: Minhas Canções -- Salvador-Ba: Sou mais que carne e osso

Nice Veloso: Minhas Canções -- Salvador-Ba: Sou mais que carne e osso