Norma Talmadge 1918

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Norma Talmadge

Norma Talmadge Facsimile Autographed Photo by Melbourne Spurr

Norma Talmadge

Norma Talmadge

Norma Talmadge was one of the fabulous stars of Hollywood's Golden Age of the She began her screen career at the age of 14 and her dark, dramatic beauty became a symbol of the silent motion-picture era.

Norma Talmadge

Silent Era actress Norma Talmadge - She began her career as a teenager in 1910 and became one of the wealthiest women in Hollywood. She retired in 1930 after her two talkies proved disappointing at the box office.

kittypackards:Greta Nissen, 1920’s

kittypackards:Greta Nissen, 1920’s

Arguably the leading female star of the 1920s, Norma Talmadge is barely remembered today—partly because her genre, the unbridled melodrama of the woman betrayed, has seldom attracted the critical interest accorded silent comedies and action films. Her restrained, naturalistic performance style marked a significant step away from the pantomimic excess of early fiction filmmaking.

"Get away from me dears, I don't need you and you don't need me" -Norma Talmadge (inspired Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard)

In 1917, she met director Rex Ingram and in 1921 they were married during production of “The Prisoner of Zenda” which he directed and in which she appeared as Princess Flavia. The couple sneaked away over one weekend, were married in Pasadena, and returned to work promptly the following Monday. It was also in 1921 that Terry would gain great acclaim as Marguerite in “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” (1921) directed by Ingram and starring Rudolph Valentino.

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Greta Nissen, Silent Film Star, wears matching pearl slave bracelets, circa 1920s, by redpoulaine

Greta Nissen - Silent Film Star, wears matching pearl slave bracelets, circa by redpoulaine

Miss June Caprice

June Caprice (November 1895 – November silent film star who retired in the early She died tragically young of a heart attack while suffering cancer. From a postcard series on movie stars.