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gingham dress, gingham print off the shoulder dress, large acrylic monogram necklace, spring fashion // grace wainwright from /asoutherndrawl/

Navy or Nothing

How will you keep your oversized walk-in closet organized? Check out this closet full of summer blues!

Make it happen  Preppy

Minty blouse with navy/sky/snow florally printed chemisier and navy/snow striped waisted shorts with chained Lilly Pulitzer shoulder bag;

Classy summer outfit

Preppy summer look! Just what I need for my new salmon pink skirt. Pink skirt, a checkered button-down flannel shirt, necklace pearls, a chunky bracelet and sunglasses

I am in love with this dress & these shoes.  Outfit of the Day: 13 February 2016.

dashofserendipity: “Not gonna lie, I bought this dress because it was called Emma’s dress 😂 Does anyone else feel like they have to buy something if it has their name?