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Our Wedding Ceremony Programs on Oh So Beautiful Paper

By far the most time-consuming and labor intensive of the projects I did for our wedding were the little miniature books I made for our ceremony programs.

Why not step aside from your work to write quick a thank you note?  There's always something, or someone, to be thankful for.

How To Write a Charming Thank You Note

How To Write a Charming Thank-You Note via Southern Living. What a lost art. (Natalie Ferrand & Tiffany Smith this made me think of the conversation y'all had in Sunday School yesterday morning) I LOVE handwritten notes!

Тиснение за "так" Для конвертов, колец для салфеток и др.  | Martha Stewart

Easy Handmade Stationery

Embossed Programs Stationery doesn't have to be expensive to impress. Personalize programs by using a custom embosser to stamp your program cover.

Silk-Covered Program

Wedding - Paper Goods - Programs - Silk-Covered Program "Silk cover tied with ribbons dresses up a standard ceremony program." (via Martha Stewart)