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Great doctor! Love how he portrays the doctor,  so fun and yet super intelligent!

“You obviously don’t comprehend the level of insane I operate at.” This Fourth Doctor quote sums up my life.

Happy birthday, Tom Baker! Long live marvelous Four. ;]

Tom Baker is Doctor Who once more at Big Finish

Our Favorite TV Quotes and Moments- TV Fiends Moo Business Cards Doctor Who There's No Point in being grown up if you can't a little childish sometimes- via – TV Fiends

Tom baker is my dads favorite doctor

Hey Kanye, Taylor Swift doesn't have a sonic screwdriver.

72 Thoughts You Have When You Get A Migraine At Work

72 Thoughts You Have When You Get A Migraine At Work

Through the eyes of the decades (centuries in his case...)

How we see the Doctor. "I'm wearing a decorative vegetable!

"State your name rank and intention." "The Doctor, Doctor,...Fun."

"State your name, rank, and intention." "The Doctor, doctor, fun." He never changes.

Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and Paul McGann on the cover of Nov.'s DW Magazine.

Four with Sarah-Jane

Sarah Jane Smith - The all time number 1 Companion! The Fourth Doctor & Sarah Jane Smith -- That scarf = LOVE


The thing I keep banging on about is that he doesn’t know what age he is. He’s lying. How could he know, unless he’s marking it on a wall? He could be years old, he could be a million. He has no clue. The calendar will give him no clues.

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prguitarman: “lickystickypickyshe: “A nose? A nose? That’s…. ” You people have some weird penises ” IT IS !

From the bottom of my heart…

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4th Doctor words of wisdom

The Fourth Doctor in The Masque of Mandragora.