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Morgoth and Sauron cursing their enemies

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Melkor left inhabitants of Valinor with their “WTF was that?” feelings and came back to Middle-Earth.

Sauron and Morgoth. Angbang. He is so cute!

Sauron found a new puppy… but Melkor suddenly remembered the last time he said ’No’

Part 11 - The Seduction of Mairon by frecklesordirt.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

The angbang ship hasn& speculated on the origin of Mairon and Melkor& relationship too much, so I& explored it here in this comic. Unfortunately I had to end it partway through because each inst.

While Melkor was imprisoned in Valinor, Sauron bred Orcs and other foul beasts to be ready upon Melkor's return. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Father of all Cheese (Melkor) by Phobs Manwe is so confused XD

Flying shadow of Melkor trying to scare Mairon. Lol.  By valinwhore

The Silmarillion - Melkor x Sauron - Angbang

Faramir likes Eowyn's cooking <3

Eowyn making soup for Faramir .

Part 12 - The Seduction of Mairon by frecklesordirt

Part 12 - The Seduction of Mairon by frecklesordirt on DeviantArt

The Minions discover Melkor xD

Bad news for the Dark Lords

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Gloomy dinners Sauron and Melkor\by Phobs



A message for you, Maglor - from Morgoth. X(

Maglor as king regent received a To-kill List from Morgoth

Sauron and Melkor

Sauron and Melkor

Part 4 - The Seduction of Mairon by frecklesordirt on DeviantArt

Part 4 - The Seduction of Mairon - frecklesordirt on DeviantArt.

Angst club

I gathered that a lot of ppl are angry about the new Hobbit BOFA banner posted recently because of certain connotations it has associated with it, so I . The Hobbit BOFA - the real deal poster