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Lyra and a dragon fly

Suggested by So yeah, I was going to make Lyra all hyper and crazy and then this happened. Oh well Lyra

'Dancerverse Lyra Heartstrings by Orin331.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Woooah, there's only one pony left to add to the main 'Dancerverse group.

Fanart - MLP. My Little Pony Logo - TGAP Trixie by jamescorck

Some voiced they wanted to see Trixie. So have Trixie. Even as a logo, she's smug. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic logo belongs . My Little Pony Logo - TGAP Trixie

MLP - Lyra Heartstrings being Ladylike (I want your hands Everybody!)

MLP - Lyra Heartstrings being Ladylike (I want your hands Everybody!

Scootaloo is best pony by PrettyCupcakes

After AppleBloom, here is Scootaloo ! Sweetie Belle should have been the next after AppleBloom, but her logo has more fail . Scootaloo is best pony

my little pony nova bets eriendly - Google'da Ara

Commission for Purgatory© update. fix some layers ©& Commission MLP Logo - Purgatory is Best Pony

Before you ask, yes, I am going to try and make one for each, and not just the Mane Six. I am doing my favorite ones first. Edit by James Corck. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Logo belongs to ...

So here is my second Best pony logo inspired by the amazing ! I'm gonna make Sweetie Belle Scootaloo and Silver Spoon next I. AppleBloom is best pony

best pony logos | my_little_pony_brolow_is_best_pony_logo_by_brolow_by_brolow-d657jqm ...

best pony logos | my_little_pony_brolow_is_best_pony_logo_by_brolow_by_brolow-d657jqm ...