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flower crown bean(ie) boys

why does tyler look good when he's bored i just look bored when i'm bored

Tyler Joseph twenty one pilots Christmas tree

The best flower queen I've ever seen! Also is it just me or does Josh look a little like Phil Lester in this?

Josh - Twenty One Pilots

Describiría nuestra música como…     …un burrito. Tiene todo lo que necesitas en el. Más que el chocolate, incluso hay personas que no les gusta.

Tyler Joseph // Josh Dun // twenty one pilots //// I love chocolate burritos

My brother says that singing fast isnt rap and he believes that Jake Paul is a rapper or smthing and that Tyler is not a rapper and he is a fan of Jake Paul and although i showed him some rap parts of the song he still adentifyed them as "singing fast" and not rapping and honestly ive lost all hope on him<<

I bet more Ohio people know Tyler Joseph better than Jake Paul<<lmao same and fuck Jake Paul man

but like they're also lil cinnamon rolls that eat taco bell and love their mothers and smile real big

totally hardcore :-) Twenty one pilots

i'm not okay

i'm not okay

I really love their twitter conversations, and Tyler's editing skillz

The 85 Funniest Tweets Of All Time

xD Tyler and Josh

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fetus tyler, zack, and some dude

July 31, 2015 || Montréal, Canada @ Osheaga Festival

when you're about to leave and the teacher assigns even more homework

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i dont wanna eat tyler

They're best friends

They're best friends<< frens.

I am laughing so bad!

I am laughing so bad!

Josh & Tyler at Virgin Radio (French radio)

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