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#Repost from @pierpa_g with #ramadhan #dream #happy #sky #life...

#Repost from @pierpa_g with #ramadhan #dream #happy #sky #life...

I just had to pin this, couldnt leave it behind...so here's a random picture of a seahorse, enjoy lol

I just had to pin this, couldnt leave it behind.so here's a random picture of a seahorse, enjoy lol

Black and White Photography/ArtDreaming Soul

In the land of milk and honey, it is the flower that is queen. writing by tait by image and white photography photography flowers art.

Impossible Photography By Erik Johansson

Photo Manipulations are always very interesting to watch because - and that's what is important - they give a realistic view of an unreal picture. Erik Johansson, a computer engineering student, from sweden has a sense for good ideas for manipulations.

MOmbati Ki Tarah Hume  Apana Karm Karana Chahiye Taki Dinuya Me Ujala Bana Rahe.... JIgar Rathod

This image clearly shows the use of photoshop, in which the creator has ironically and cleverly manipulated the natural flame on the candle to represent its opposition 'water'. What a beautiful contradiction.


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Las fotografías de Erik Johansson, un fascinante pasatiempo para la mente.

Las fotografías de Erik Johansson, un fascinante pasatiempo para la mente

By Tim Walker

Surreal Photography by Philippe Ramette “Surprisingly enough, these images are not photoshopped! Rather they are visual illusions, or surreal photographs, made by French artist Philippe Ramette and.

Mini Forrest

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Pakayla Biehn

A beautiful series of paintings of double exposed photographs by Pakayla Biehn . {images from pakayla biehn }


Salps are transparent, barrel-shaped or fusiform free-swimming tunicates (class Thaliacea) abundant in warm seas; and form ring spirals!

♥ Staring at the Sun - The aristocracy of the Mediterranean fauna is the hippocampus, so attractive and shy but this one was very proud to model attached in Poseidonia oceanica with the sunset in the background as a crown.    Chalkidiki    Copy Credit : Nicholas Samaras

Seahorse is the title given to 54 species of marine fishes in the genus Hippocampus. "Hippocampus" comes from the Ancient Greek hippos meaning "horse" and kampos meaning "sea monster".

surrealisme photography - Google zoeken

Fascinating NYT interview with photographer, Jerry Uelsmann. Before Photoshop allowed image makers to bend reality to their will with a single keystroke there was Jerry Uelsmann.

arbol-sin-hojas-efecto-optico.jpg (828×528)

arbol-sin-hojas-efecto-optico.jpg (828×528)