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Tron Legacy(Rinzler/Tron)

Advanced Graphics Rinzler - Tron Cardboard Stand-Up - 1029 - Wall Decals & Stickers - Wall Art & Coverings - Decor


D-mo from Solid Cat explains how TRON:Legacy could have been better while explaining it was actually a damn good movie.

Cyberpunk, Tron Elite Guard by ~digitalinkrod on deviantART

scifi-fantasy-horror: Cyberpunk Tron Elite Guard by digitalinkrod on deviantART

Tron Legacy, Clu with Rinzler, Jarvis, and sentries

cyber punk cosplay: Tron Legacy, Clu with Rinzler, Jarvis, and sentries

Tron Legacy

Flynn and Sam save the injured Quorra and stow away aboard a solar sailor transport, where Flynn restores Quorra

Tron Legacy by SuperKusoKao on deviantART

Not as good as the first one though lol Rinzler is a freaking badass. Clu is a dick. c: Tron (c) Di.