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Breaking Bad

Aaron Paul: 'Breaking Bad' Dealer Isn't Dead ... Yet

Aaron Paul plays a meth-making drug dealer on the AMC drama Breaking Bad. He also played a recurring character on the HBO series Big Love.


A quote for generations to come Jesse!

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'Breaking Bad' star Aaron Paul on shooting 'Problem Dog'

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Mythbusters with Buster

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The Mythbusters teaching science

Breaking Bad

Walt, Jesse, Gus & Mike in the mega meth lab

Hugh Laurie, une piqûre de rappel ? Dès la canne du Dr House rangée au placard, l’acteur avait promis, juré, craché qu’il ne remettrait plus les pieds dans la lucarne. Et s’il avait changé d’avis ? - soirmag.be

Doctor knows best.

love breaking bad...hope to see a repeat of this come Emmy night.

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Breaking Bad. Is there anyone cooler than Jesse Pinkman?

Is there anyone cooler than Jesse Pinkman?

I may have already pinned this. But it's so worth pinning again.

Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul going to miss BrBa


funniest guy on the show.

Just getting into this one, thanks to Netflix.

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Breaking Bad - Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman

Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad on AMC) Love his acting. His eyes are the bluest blue. I would love to see him play a role on Sons of Anarchy. Great job on Breaking Bad!

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If you are not watching Breaking Bad, you aint doing it right.



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Breaking Bads Aaron Paul: Im always dying to read the next episode, he tells GQ You know me so well Stephen :) people-who-have-successfully-ruined-my-life

Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) ❤️

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman