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Here are the first on-set images of Will Smith's Deadshot from Suicide Squad - Movie News | JoBlo.com

Ayer's Suicide Squad has been creating a ton of buzz lately, and has all the makings of a massive hit for WB/DC. It's definitely the one of the 3 DC films I'm positively interested in.


harley quinn and suicide squad image on We Heart It

Fan-made 'SUICIDE SQUAD' poster featuring Jared Leto's Joker by artist CAMW1N.

Suicide Squad (2016)

Fan-made 'SUICIDE SQUAD' poster featuring Jared Leto's Joker by artist - perfect halloween outfit inspiration.

Katana - Suicide Squad Tattoo Poster

New ‘Suicide Squad’ posters tease Harley’s Tattoo Parlor is coming to SXSW

Margot Robbie Masters More Daring

Tearing a hole in it: Batman endeavored to tear his way through the roof of a sleek Infiniti


From DC Comics comes the Suicide Squad, an antihero team of incarcerated supervillains who act as deniable assets for the United States government, undertaking high-risk black ops missions in exchange for commuted prison sentences.

The Joker - Suicide Squad

Awesome new images of Jared Leto's Joker in 'Suicide Squad' - Batman News

Thanks to Comic-Con hebben we eindelijk de eerste beelden van Suicide Squad met onder andere Jared Leto als Joker. Spannend! | newsmonkey

Comic-Con mocht de eerste beelden van Suicide Squad zien en wij mogen meekijken

Suicide Squad Comic-Con Trailer - Jared Leto, Will Smith - DC Comics Movie

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10 Groups That Went Back On Their Word

Origin story for Rick Flag revealed in DC Universe Rebirth version of Suicide Squad franchise—no Batman or Joker (yet)

MOVIES: Suicide Squad - News Roundup Updated 2nd August 2016

I give you a quick look at the Suicide Squad build for kodi. This build was well done if you are a fan of the suicide squad you would definitely want to chec.