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tortura en la peluqueria

timeofbeauty: Nina Leen photography for Life - Women sitting and reading under hairdryers at Rockefeller Center Pamper Club, where hair driers cost 10 cents for 15 minutes. New York, 1952

Vintage Hair Salons, Vintage Salon, Salon Ideas

These Vintage Hair Dryer Photos Make It Seem Cool Under The Hood

Vintage Hair Dryer Photos That Make It Seem Cool Under The Hood

Baby in hardresser


Woman and poodle under the hairdryer - Carefully selected by GORGONIA www.

Hair Salon. Love this old pic

Friends, magazines, and a new hairstyle: some things never change!

You've got to love the expression of the gal on the left! :)

You've got to love the expression of the gal on the left! :) the tortures of BIG HAIR.

Teacups, and my Mom's Toni home permanent and Ginny dolls.

Anyone else have a Toni doll?

Sitting in your tight skirt for a couple hours cooking in the hot dryer.

vintage everyday: Photos of Beauty Salon & Barber Shop in the

Siéntete Audrey Hepburn y visita roma montad@ en una Vespa. ¡Eso sí que son vacaciones en Roma! http://www.weplann.com/es/roma/tour-cultural-vespa

Audrey Hepburn (Roman Holiday) Photo: This Photo was uploaded by Swinging_Sixties. Find other Audrey Hepburn (Roman Holiday) pictures and photos or uplo.


Hairdresser Art Print 8 x 10 - Retro Kitsch Women at Hair Salon Driking Wine - Beautician

In The Ladies Salon...

In The Ladies Salon...

Vintage hair salon- this cracks me up!! I spent so much time at the salon with my mom when I was a kid,lol!!

Vintage hair salon- this cracks me up! I spent so much time at the salon with…

Paris 1932 "Marcel Bovis- Salon de coifure Chez Antoine"

Marcel Bovis- Salon de coiffure Chez Antoine, Paris, the dress and total " lack of leisure " . self-esteem.other motives

At the hair salon #bw black and white photography

Heavenly Pets Grooming: Why Your Dog's Haircut Costs More Than Yours

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“Summer In Style”, Mirabella US, July : Pamela HansonModel : Christy Turlington