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Bullock cart. Bagan, Myanmar | Myanmar: The Golden Land | Country Holidays Redefining Travel

Exploring Bagan, you will see horse-carts and bullock-carts everywhere. While not great for getting places quickly, it's definitely worth hopping on one and watching Bagan slowly pass you by.

Little Tibetan Monk

“In the world I am Always a stranger I do not understand its language It does not understand my silence” ~Bei Dao Image~Novice by Zaw Zaw Tun

The procession

Things are done gradually. Once in a while there is a giant step, but most of the time we are taking small, seemingly insignificant steps on the stairway of life." ~ Ralph Ransom * The procession ♥ lis

I really love how this looks!!! I just love how the sun reflects on the water! (summer photography wallpaper)

Alluring sunlight reflects upon the glassy ocean waves casting dazzling flashes of lights resembling sparkling diamonds in the sea. A photograph by artist Michael Rock diamonds on the water.one of my favorite things

( - p.mc.n.) Kazakh people living in Mongolia near Bayan-Olgii use golden eagles to hunt wild sheep, foxes and wolves, and get together once a year in October to show off and compete.

Nomadic Kazakh hunter with hunting eagle, Kazakhstan. (source) wow I want a hunting eagle!

Tibet. Tibet is a different nation of China. Tibet is not a part of China but a country.

Tibetan Dung-chen (Dungchen) Some relate the sound to mating dragons or roaring elephants

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Sunday chill-out Courtesy of /alinakatase/ and who provided the original photo.

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The Ajanta Caves Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, India are 29 rock-cut cave monuments which date from the century BC. The caves include paintings and sculptures considered to be masterpieces of both Buddhist religious art (which depict the Jataka t