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Jesus à direita do trono majestoso de Jeová, com anjos ao redor

Visões do céu: veja o invisível

Fascinating visions of the invisible heavens reveal how our Jehovah (Father), Jesus (Son), and faithful angels can affect us. Pictured: Jesus stands to the right of Jehovah’s majestic throne, surrounded by angels

A paradise earth with no suffering, only happy people and families reunited by the resurrection..2 Peter 3:13 - Proverbs 1:33

What God Will Do—How God Will Help Us

Does the idea of living in a world where bad things will not happen to good people appeal to you? The Bible tells us what God will do, how God will help.

A mão de Satanás oferecendo a Jesus todos os governos e reinos do mundo

Qual é o propósito de Deus para a Terra e para a humanidade?

The hand of Satan offering Jesus all the governments and kingdoms of the world ~Learn about this and other things like : What is God’s purpose for mankind? How has God been challenged? What will life on earth be like in the future?

From his heavenly throne, Jehovah inspires men to write the Bible

How to Listen to God (2 Timothy 3:16)

God speaks to us through the Bible. Jehovah’s Witnesses can help you to understand the Bible.

Os 24 anciãos, mencionados em Apocalipse, se prostrando diante do trono de Jeová

A quem devemos honrar?

The 24 elders described in Revelation fall down before Jehovah’s throne. Offering their crowns prophetic art.

The four horsemen may seem mysterious and terrifying, but that does not have to be the case. Why not? Because the Bible and the events of modern history help us to identify clearly what each horseman pictures. And although their ride has signaled calamity on earth, it can also mean good news for you and your family. How so? First, let us determine the identity of each horseman.

Who Are the Four Horsemen?

Jesus resurrects Lazarus - John 11 I love this story because it is about Mary and Martha loosing their brother. Even though Jesus raised him, there were four whole endless days of grief those ladies felt after their brother died. Jesus wept with compassion because He saw their grief. This brings so much comfort to me. I found myself re reading it countless times after my brother's death. How much more compassion Jesus must have for us when He knows our stories won't end like Lazarus .

Did Jesus Really Resurrect People? Why?

Jesus resurrects Lazarus, calling him to come out of the tomb - The Bible clearly says that Jesus raised dead people to life. Those accounts are not mythical; they are set in real places at specific times.

In God's new world.... People will no longer feel pain, grow old, or die.—Revelation 21:4   “The lame will leap like the deer.”—Isaiah 35:6   “The eyes of the blind will be opened.”—Isaiah 35:5    The dead will be brought back to life.—John 5:28, 29   No one will get sick.—Isaiah 33:24   Everyone on earth will have plenty to eat.—Psalm 72:16

Is This What God Purposed?The earth changed as God purposed: Old become young, sick and blind are healed, dead are resurrected, there’s plenty of food

Bible verses reveal that Jehovah selects some faithful Christians to get a heavenly resurrection.

Angels appear to Jesus and strengthen him

Jehovah God Leads His People—Isaiah 58:11

Jesus’ body is taken off the torture stake while his disciples watch from a distance. Did it really happen?

Jesus’ Resurrection—Are the Gospel Accounts True?

WHY DID JESUS SUFFER AND DIE?Jesus’ body is taken off the torture stake while his disciples watch from a distance

Jesus rides a white horse and the armies in heaven follow him

What Will Go When God’s Kingdom Comes?

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