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Extremely rare Titanic poster offering class tickets for return voyage! What would the world be like if RMS Titanic hadn't sunk

Artifact c/o http://www.novascotia.ca/titanic/

Medical Examiner, City of Halifax and Town of Dartmouth Nova Scotia Archives RG 41 vol. 76 no.

TITANIC FORUM - Question: How Height the Telemoter on wreck?

TITANIC FORUM - Question: How Height the Telemoter on wreck?

April 10, 1912: RMS Titanic sets sail on her maiden voyage, +2k aboard. Built as part of a trio of Olympic-class ocean liners: Titanic, Olympic & Britannic, the largest, most luxurious ships in the world.   885 aboard were crew, including Cap. Edward Smith, wkg @ White Star Line for 30 yrs. Over 1/2 of the 1,317 passengers aboard were traveling 3rd class; ironically, the ship was actually UNDER capacity, capable of carrying some 2,500 passengers...and its lifeboats could only carry a 1000.

Titanic Historical Society First Class Ticket - A reproduction of an original document used for the Titanic in a postcard format. Many people have purchased this to use as a party favour or for invitations to a Titanic Dinner.

Titanic's resting place

Diving With Care to the Titanic’s Resting Place

Titanic's resting place-Reminds me of an image of the moon or other celestial body

Unsinkable Molly Brown - You do not have to be prim and propper to make others happy around you. Just be who you are. #TimelessWomen

MARGARET TOBIN BROWN aka "The Unsinkable Molly Brown (Titanic survivor, the only woman to row a lifeboat to safety, fiercely argued w/ the quartermaster Robert Hitchens to rescue people in the water. When he refused she threatened to throw him overboard)

Visual arts/ Dance - The ship of Dreams: Titanic The Musical  The new reimagined "Titanic" is part of the Mirvish 2014-2015 subscription season. It will play May 20 to June 21, 2015 at the Princess of Wales Theatre. Ben Heppner, the greatest opera tenor of his generation, will be joining the cast of the new production of the Tony Award-winning Best Musical TITANIC.

The first complete views of the legendary wreck: Ethereal views of Titanic's bow offer a comprehensiveness of detail never seen before. (Copyright 2012 RMS TITANIC, INC; Produced by AIVL, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

When a ship it sinks it leaves a path of debris (objects from within the ship or objects breaking off). Depending how deep the vessel sinks this debris can be scattered over a large distance. On a shorter descent, the debris falls more or less vertically. However, as the Titanic sank 21/2 miles a huge debris field was expected.

When a ship it sinks it leaves a path of debris (objects from within the ship or…

Throwing snowballs on the Titanic

Throwing Snowballs on the Titanic and Captain Smith Shooting a Man Who Tried to Force His Way into a Lifeboat

This photo is a powerful one, as it is a rare image of a Titanic passenger ticket in 1908. The woman named on this ticket lost her father and three brothers in the Titanic disaster.

A photograph released by Henry Aldridge & Son-Ho Auction House in Wiltshire, Britain, 18 April shows an extremely rare Titanic passenger ticket

HISTORIA.   CONSTRUCCIÓN EN BELFAS.    Todo comienza el  31 de julio  de  1908  con la firma del contrato para la construcción en los ast...

Life moves pretty fast: Színes fotók a Titanicról/Titanic in color