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Gelede Masqueraders. Yoruba people, Nigeria. 20th century | ©unknown.

Autor: Huet Michel - Laude Jean - Paudrat Jean-louis Título: The Dance, Art, and Ritual of Africa Editora: Pantheon Books Ano: 1978 .

Los Drokpa, India (by Jimmy Nelson)

DROPKA tribe in Ladakh, India. The Drokpa tribe indulge in music, dance and barley wine. Beautiful documentary on: beforethey com

The Yoruba were organized into small city states and were under control of kings.  The people pictured above are still part of the Yoruba culture and lifestyle.

Kwarastatedrummers - Yoruba people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Yoruba drummers: They are wearing very basic traditional clothing.

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Masks are often a part of the African culture. Used in dance or ceremonial purposes, African masks can have a religious meaning. The carver of the mask will look to their ancestors for guidance while carving the mask.

Samantha Harris - Aboriginal model, wearing crochet head piece


Traditional Maasai body art, from a photograph by Art Wolfe in "Tribes"

Humanity's beauty Traditional Maasai body art, from a photograph by Art Wolfe in "Tribes"