how to shrink a pattern

good tutorial--Generally, though, for each size smaller take off: of the chest (which is off a pattern that is cut on a fold) of armhole of the shoulder of length

When I need to refer someone else to how to fit commercial patterns to blocks and I'm too plain lazy to draw it out myself.

The Merits of a Basic Fitting Pattern

how to shrink a pattern ~ or, reversed, how to enlarge a pattern, which is what I'm going to need to do...

Brilliant tute pictures detailing how to 'shrink' and downsize a child's pattern

Joining your Sewing Pattern Templates

Joining your Sewing Pattern Templates -

Joining your Sewing Pattern Templates - Easy Sewing Projects, Embroidery Stitches, Patchwork Patterns

On Fitting Sleeves - Threads

On Fitting Sleeves

Your favorite off-the-rack fashions hold the secret to perfectly shaped sleeve caps and armholes.

This is INVALUABLE!  How to make side seems straight for people with a larger caboose -

Making a Side Seam Read True

From Threads Newsletter and Kenneth King - making the side seam hang straight on pants and skirts.

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Returning to the list of topics from the reader's poll, stretch knit pattern grading is next so that's what we'll do today. To refresh your memory, I'd said, knit pattern grading the way that Stua.