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,, Idk my Lord"

Jesus is like, "Who do you think you are sleeping in my presents!"<< I hate it when people sleep in my presents, gets the wrapping paper all torn and wrinkled. I think what you meant was 'presence'. <<<ahaha get roasted first person!


That ain't Craig! haha poor bears, this probably happens allll the time ;

Suddenly.... CANADA!

Never not re pin. Hilarious what happens to Canadian on Canada day humor funny picture. I'm dying.

Best Frozen meme ever

funny disney snowman meme pun i just had to pls The Shining jack anna frozen hans Shining sven here's johnny im so sorry elsa olaf do you wanna build a snowman

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Hilarious Texts Of The Day My favorite is a tie Between the Cullen and Harry Potter whale!

Who wore it better?. OMG - Justin Timberlake !!!

Who wore it better?

There was actually a guy in one of my ASL classes that had that kind of hair and me and my friend called him 'romen noodle' the whole year