Flandre Scarlet Tart by ~SerenaAzureth on deviantART

Flandre Scarlet Tart

Another larger sprite I've been working on. It is Flandre Scarlet from Touhou and I found her in this "tart-cake" form rather cute.

Suika Ibuki by MagicPearls

Number sixteen is Suika Ibuki. The original sprite can be found on Spriters Resource.

Tenshi Hinanai by MagicPearls

The next character is Tenshi Hinanai. Probably one of my favorite beadsprites I've done so far.

Scarlet Flandre by MagicPearls

Commence the spam of Touhou! Anyhow, this was the first character from Touhou that I made a beadsprite of, which is Scarlet Flandre.

Perler Beads, Kimono Girl by ~DarkTangrowth on deviantART

Image detail for -Perler Beads, Kimono Girl by ~DarkTangrowth on deviantART

Perler Bead Hachune Miku with Stand by NerdyNoodleLabs on DeviantArt

Our bead sprites truly "stand" out from all the rest by. FOR SALE Perler Bead Patamon w/ Digivice Stand

Reimu Trainer Perler Beads by Cimenord on DeviantArt

Yeah finally after some procratinations to finish it here she is xD The third of my little Touhou Project series. Reimu I don't really some specia.

Teemo League of Legends perler beads by missdeeart

Teemo League of Legends perler beads by missdeeart

Suwako Moriya by MagicPearls

Character number eleven is Suwako Moriya, with her cute little frog hat.

Patchouli Knowledge by MagicPearls

When I looked at the sprite, I just felt like this should be favorite character, just based on the looks.

Iku Nagae by MagicPearls

Iku Nagae by MagicPearls