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Mirrors have this great aspect of being able to make you feel like you are part…

jeannepompadour:  Sweet Reflections by Gabriel Schachinger, 1886  I could write an entire story about this … oh, wait - I think I have!

Gabriel Schachinger (German, 1850 - Sweet Reflections, oil on canvas, 51 x 31 in. Woodmere Art Museum, bequest of Charles Knox Smith Exhibition: The Seven Deadly Sins: Pride June

"Reclining Woman", c. 1910s, by John Collier (English, 1850-1934).

Reclining Woman: The Honourable John Maler Collier OBE RP ROI January 1850 – 11 April was a leading English artist, and an author] He painted in the Pre-Raphaelite style, and was one of the most prominent portrait painters of his generation

Jules Emile Santin - Reflections

Reflections Jules Emile Santin (French, Oil on panel. A woman of means and leisure holds the book she had been reading, keeping her place with her thumb, as she considers her.

Французский художник Джеймс Тиссо (James Tissot)

James Jacques Joseph Tissot, Young Ladies Looking at Japanese Objects, 1869 Japonaiserie in Art

Great Painters Art Galleries: Frank Weston Benson Online Art Gallery: Reflections

☂ Paper Lanterns and Parasols ☂ Japonisme Art and Illustration - Frank Weston Benson