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Nuremberg 1503

Woodcut from "Urania che sostiene l'Universo", Nuremberg, 1503

Woodcut Of The Celestial Sphere By Erhard Schon, 1515.  An Alchemy artwork.

Woodcut Of The Celestial Sphere By Erhard Schon, An Alchemy artwork.

SYMBOLISM: ALCHEMY The word alchemy conjures up images that are magical and mystical. Alchemy differs significantly from modern science in its inclusion of Hermetic principles and practices …

Gnostic Sophia Tree

The Gnostic Christ

Roob labels this as Janus Lacinius, Pretiosa Margarita Novella, 1577 presumably a late century manuscript of this early alchemical work.

Alchemy Coagulation Art Print by Science Source

Alchemical Emblems: The alchemical tree, standing under the influences of the heavens.

Woodcut By Lucas Cranach From Vollbibel Luther 1534

Alchemy: Woodcut by Lucas Cranach from Vollbibel Luther, Wittenberg, An Alchemy artwork.

This eighteenth–century edition of a text by Hermes Trimegistus was intended for Rosicrucian audiences. This symbol combines the alchemical double ouroboros with the Masonic square and compass within the Seal of Solomon, and with the Rosicrucian rose in the center.

University of Delaware Library: Perfecting Nature: Medicine, Metallurgy and Mysticism > Rosicrucians

The Dark Sister - Earth’s Nemesis And….. Liberator?

Woodcut in Vincenzo Cartari Le imagini de gli dei Padua, 1608


Book: The Secret Teachings of All Ages : An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic, and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy - Hall, Manly P.

Alchemical and hermetic emblems 201-240

Alchemical and hermetic emblems

Utopia - Sir Thomas More -