Emsh, Fantastic Universe 60-01.

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shadowrun - Google Search

"Gunslinger Adept" Character Archetype for Shadowrun Edition Core Rulebook. For those curious, I based this on Ghost Crow, a character I'd been running for about years now. One of the perks.

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recon elite concept.... wait... Recon? ...ELITE recon?? as in LEPrecon??? (sorry, the wings just reminded me of AF)

Can we take a moment to not only appreciate how stellar this concept is, but look at those damn mecha WINGS! We may NEED to add those!

The Fallout - Bruno Camara

Making Of 'The Fallout' By Bruno Camara Sketching in ZBrush Retopologizing in Max UVs in Max Sculpting details in ZBrush Textures in Photoshop and Mudbox Posing and rendering in Max Compositing in Photoshop