Spongebobs face on the last one though- he may have made Twilight and alacorn (actually look it up its the correct spelling) but he also made himself Derpy

Pandoraverse Doodles 3 by Lopoddity

*quietly posts this* Oh, is that a Pandora/Cupcake babbu? Well lookit that This is just for funsies, this gal isn't canon (unless you want her to be, i suppose).

Introducing who may be my favorite of my Next Gen children: Prince Siempre; son of Princess Celestia and King Sombra This is honestly one of my favorite MLP ships, if not my absolute favorite. And<==cool design, but to be honest I don't ship it

Royal sisters by TDG-Arts on DeviantArt

Royal sisters by TDG-Arts on DeviantArt

Rainbow POWER(ED) Contest Entry 2 by kilala97 on deviantART

That's just funny, this is twilights daughter and fluttershys daughter.

Royal Birb [Fan Art for Lopoddity]

Royal Birb [Fan Art for Lopoddity] by Astori-a This is Artemis, daughter of Princess Luna and an unknown Griffon. She is part of Lopoddity's next gen