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En 2010 John Moore comenzó a fotografiar los temas de inmigración y seguridad fronteriza en Arizona después de que el estado aprobó la ley SB 1070, una de las piezas más fuertes de la legislación anti-inmigrante jamás aprobada en los Estados Unidos. La ley, entre otras restricciones, también permite a la policía para detener a cualquiera

John Moore: A photographer documents immigration and deportation in the United States (PHOTOS).

Humor: Reid on Border Security — The Patriot Post...thanks harry...........for all the comedy

Across the nation, especially in Texas, citizen militia groups are responding to the current invasion (yes, that’s what it is) of illegals on the southern border of the United States.

Las Patronas

Las Patronas

AP immigration unit

New Unit: Immigration

Music video by Sones de Mexico Ensemble "Esta Tierra Es Tuya (This Land Is Your Land)" written by Woodie Guthrie (norteño arrangement by Juan Dies).

Under their nose: The raft of undocumented immigrants passes right under a bridge that serves as a Mexican immigration checkpoint

Photog captures the difficult journey of Central American immigrants

Chris was caught trying to sneak back over the border into America and jailed for the night. They understood his story and released him the next day.

Thoughts on the Immigration Ban

Thoughts on the Immigration Ban

Rep. Randy Weber (R-Texas) and a handful of other House Republicans want the U.S. to cut off all foreign aid to Mexico and three Central American countries until they take steps to stop the flow of unaccompanied children across the U.S. border.  Weber's Illegal Entry Accountability Act seeks...

Obama administration issues work permits to non-citizens; critics call it 'shadow' immigration system

Violence, Hardship Fuels Central American Immigration To U.S.

Violence, Hardship Fuel Central American Immigration To U.S.

Violence, Hardship Fuel Central American Immigration To U.

Women of Las Patronas. For seventeen years, a group of women in La Patrona, Veracruz, has been handing out food and water to Central American migrants riding cargo trains north in search of work. Their story began in February, 1995 when two sisters, Bernarda Romero Vázquez and Rosa Romero Vázquez, were standing with their groceries at a train crossing in the village, waiting for the train to pass.  Migrants on the first train car began shouting, “Madre, I’m hungry.”

Women of Las Patronas Aid Central American Migrants in Mexico - Upside Down World

US border crossing of illegal immigrants trains | stand on top of train cars while waiting for the freight train ...

Trump Castigated For Acknowledging Immigration Threats

children riding the beast

Central American immigrants ride north on top of a freight train on August 2013 near Juchitan, Mexico.

Gael Garcia Bernal documentary detailing migrant's journey

Gael García Bernal Explores A Migrant's Tragic Journey In New Documentary

A new documentary by Marc Silver and Gael García Bernal tells the story of one of these unidentified migrants, who died while crossing the Sonoran desert in Arizona.

The ties between the U.S. and Mexico run far deeper than opponents of such integration dare to admit.  Here is a short list of fun facts about the social, economic, and cultural ties.

'End of an Era' in Illegal Immigration from Mexico Article

Town reflects on decision to block child immigrants It's been five weeks since the meeting. The townspeople don't need you to specify which meeting. There can only be one in which an outsider would be interested. The meeting during which the town of Lawrenceville in the county of Brunswick in the tobacco country of southern Virginia unequivocally rejected temporary housing for 500 Central American children seeking refuge.

Town reflects on decision to block child immigrants

Isloation is the best for United States because we dont have to deal with other countries problems or issues. All we would have to deal with is our own problems. And we would have more jobs for the United State because less people would be coming into United States. Camerons

Las Patronas: Selfless women along a hard journey

Mexico - Immigration - Southern Border

Photographer Documents the Perilous Journey of Central American Migrants to the U.