JASON TODD "RED HOOD" And that would be why he could not become Batman in the case of Bruce Wayne's permanent death. Good grief, Stuart: check your facts.


I am a massive DC and Marvel fan, but the Batfamily is the best! Jason Todd is my favorite character of all time and I am currently writing a fanfiction for hi.

Diversity is the key: Pinterest

shonilane: “thatchris: “ playful-nites: “ Things that make me giggle ” Clark deserves to feel pretty.

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Previous Pinner: Batman warning Robin about the Joker - Red Hood: The Lost Days. No Joker in the strip, but all about him. Jason Todd being one of my favorite characters.

Omg just look at Jason's face so bad ass Ugh!    This is the moment I found out that I love Jason with most of my heart

The way Jason is positioned makes it look like he's got devil horns sprouting out of his head

Welp i didn't need my heart anyways

Three versions of Jason Todd: before Robin, as Robin and as Red hood. Joker was my favourite villan until he kill Jason (Robin)

Love Red Hood soooo much

birdquotes: “ “ "The world's greatest detective, and you still haven't figured it out? Life's just a game, Batman. and this time, you lose." Batman I, "Hush".

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necessary evil....

necessary evil....