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*Tubularia from russia's White Sea. This looks like a lovely flower but is all animal! It is carnivorous and has poisonous cells to defend itself and to catch prey with. The flowers are tiny, only mm in size.

Pearl bubble coral

Bubble corals usually come from deeper areas of the reef, which means they don’t need very intense lighting. A slow gentle water current definitely suits them best.

Fox Coral

LPS corals stands for Large Polyp Stony Coral. Huge Variety of LPS corals are available now at Aquarium Creations Online!

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Elegance Coral (Catalaphyllia jardinei) - a MUST have!

Great for Beginners: These Marine Corals are Almost Bulletproof

Wonder Coral - or Catalaphyllia Elegance Coral. I love these color combinations

Sunset Montipora

Pictured in the AquaNerd Picture of the Week is a closeup of a Sunset Montipora frag. This frag was one that I picked up from ReefKoi Corals at DFW NextWave.

Elegance Coral

Photo by Christian Scott