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Surfin' on Sunlight! Privately Funded Solar Sail to Launch by 2016 By Elizabeth Howell, Space.com Contributor   |   July 11, 2014

Incredible Tech: How Interstellar Light-Propelled Sailing Works (Infographic) by Karl Tate, Infographics Artist September 2013 Proven by the tails of comets.

A series of four total lunar eclipses in a row is called a tetrad.

Under a Blood Moon: 1st Total Lunar Eclipse of 2014 Wows Stargazers (Photos)

Diagrams explain how eclipses work. 'Blood Moons' Explained: What Causes a Lunar Eclipse Tetrad?

NASA May Have Accidentally Created a Warp Field

NASA scientists testing a new system may have accidentally discovered that it has the capability to create a warp field that may lead to a warp drive. truth or myth?

International Space Station's Cooling System: How It Works #Infographic

While is being repaired in space right now. Infographic: How the ISS Ammonia Cooling System Works

We forget running away and stop in our tracks to listen and hear the pull of our own voices like the Magi with their star, the wise ones with their camels, perfumes and gold, believing their inner songs, a journey in the bones of their feet, like migrating birds or salmon swimming ladders of stars to the beginning of life. — LINDA HOGAN, FROM “ME, CROW, FISH, AND THE MAGI,” IN SAVINGS

Gorgeous color in the Milky Way and good beta on the photo This LIFE is really Awesome and frightening to think about :P

If other planets were the same distance from Earth as the Moon. I love this series of pictures.-------Planètes à la place de la Lune

Funny pictures about If Other Planets Were In The Place Of The Moon. Oh, and cool pics about If Other Planets Were In The Place Of The Moon. Also, If Other Planets Were In The Place Of The Moon photos.

The Expanse ship sketches - Album on Imgur

The Expanse ship sketches

Here is an awesome infographic showing your ETA at travelling near the speed of light:

Has NASA Confirmed The “Impossible” No-Fuel Space Engine Works? - REDORBIT #NASA, #Space, #Engine

‘Impossible’ Quantum Space Engine Actually Works – NASA Test Suggests


Zeta Ophiuchus, a massive star plowing through the gas and dust floating in space. Zeta Oph is a bruiser, with 20 times the Sun’s mass. It’s an incredibly luminous star, blasting out light at a rate times higher than the Sun! Even at its distance of