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Bonsai, String Garden

another amazing suiseki

A suiseki has the capacity to represent with the eyes of the man, on a few centimeters, the whole earth and cosmos.

Awards suisekis in 2014 suiseki convention

There was a famous suiseki and viewing stone convention in my city last month, a lot of excellent suisekis and viewing stones shoewd on the display, I here send

1013454_514785338594684_1901225671_n.jpg (720×533)

1013454_514785338594684_1901225671_n.jpg (720×533)

Image from http://jtroth.smugmug.com/photos/360362476_wXRjp-S.jpg.

Posts about daiza making on Suiseki Art

img_0566.jpg (529×179)

img_0566.jpg (529×179)

Suiseki - Bing Images : Quoting from a pamphlet of the San Francisco Suiseki Kai, "The contemplation of a stone as a symbol of nature relaxes the mind from the pressures of a complex daily life and allows a person to retain his sense of values. The importance of life in its simplest form is reflected through the beauty, strength and character of the stone."

Suiseki - Bing Images : Quoting from a pamphlet of the San Francisco Suiseki…

Rock Art, Bonsai, Stone Art, String Garden

Image from http://www.bonsaimary.com/images/Chinese-penjing.jpg.

Chinese 'bonsai' are known as penjing. They often include the use of rocks and stones in their design. root over rock, in a rock or just stones in the arrangement.

Furuya ishi_Japanese suiseki_private collection david j

Seigaku ishi - Sean L. Smith

Seigaku ishi – stone and daiza by Sean L.