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Imagen de Bibiana Diaz

Imagen de Bibiana Diaz

At 6’3”, Owen Wright Breaks The Already Perfect Mold Of A Pro Surfer’s Physique. Enjoy, Ladies.

Photo infographic // At Owen Wright Breaks The Already Perfect Mold Of A Pro Surfer’s Physique.

queenofnails @queenofnails Nude Acrylic w/Bl...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram)

Instagram Post by queenofnails (@queenofnails)

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More Modern UI & UX Designs

Time for some new UX & UI inspiration from modern web and mobile projects. A mix of beautiful UX patterns, meticulously created components and well balanced layouts that hopefully will inspire you…

18 Rules You Must Follow to Ensure You Use Text Correctly on Your Website #webdesign

The type of text you have can make or break any design. These are need to know rules for applying text. From formal to personal all details matter, and with these rules you can put the final touches on your design.

What I like: I like how each person has his/her own characteristics and the corresponding items in the pictures. It is cute and interesting way to present profile of someone, rather than a mere portrait of someone.  Where we could use this: when we are doing interviews with a specific person in the campus or a student. We could pick the characteristics of that person and design it with cute images and photoshop items in. (Kyuree Kim)

Unique collection of the BEST Creative Web Designs for inspiration. All modern trends of web design 2017 are included in showcase.

Укрепление натуральных ногтей #EmiGelSistem #Нейлкруст Работа стилиста по…

Укрепление натуральных ногтей #EmiGelSistem #Нейлкруст Работа стилиста по…

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