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Trenecito de ponies

Trenecito de ponies

Control and elegance through your fingers  #equestrian #equestrianstockholm #horse #horses #equestrianperformance

Control and elegance through your fingers #equestrian #equestrianstockholm #horse #horses #equestrianperformance

This is the most true thing ever

Hahaha this is so true, you can't have real equestrian style without mud and horse hair!

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Or when you imagine things like golf courses put to better use as cross country courses. Equestrian problems or when you picture a wild horse chasing your car because its love at first sight

Love this. Embarrassed myself last weekend by having to think about it though...."All King Edwards's Horses..."

Of course I learned my ABC's. But now I only remember the important letters. Pictured: Sundance dressage arena with Flower Boxes by Premier Equestrian

Too true!

One time I did this and I ended up throwing up on the way to the barn, I just wanted to ride 😂

Ug. Horse keeping in winter.

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Cosas de jinetes/amazonas

our school desks have these bars under them so I put my feet up on them with heels perfectly down during lectures.