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The Definitive Rating Of Disney Dads' Hotness And Parenting Skills

sexy disney princess pocahontas | Disney Princesses Redesigned To Be More Historically Accurate – 12 ...

Historical Pocahontas: Artist Claire Hummel dressed her Disney princesses in historically accurate costumes. Illustration by Claire Hummel

He looks so happy and emotional to see Rapunzel coming down the aisle. <3

I had no idea this existed! So funny and adorable! Tangled Ever After Disney short

Who does this to people?!?!?! Now i have to repin it so others can feel my pain.

Thanks Disney... right in my feels.

I don't think land before time is Disney. Every time see the lion king and sad moments in Disney movies.THE FEELS!

ohana - my favorite breakfast

Ohana means family. Family means nobody is left behind or forgotten - Lilo & Stitch

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a disney room. so creative...hit the jump for more photos.

a Disney room! why can't I have this room? I'd so do a Disney princess room for my little girl in the future

Isn't this always the case...LOL

Not as much a Sleeping Beauty fan as a Cinderella fan, but this would fit well in the Launrdy/sewing room 24 Disney Comebacks For Every Occasion - "Isn't it rather dangerous to use one's entire vocabulary in a single sentence?

Haha oh how true this is

Never compare yourself to a Disney prince, fellas.

hate to bash men but it's true. If you think you're prince charming the odds are good she doesn't.

I found my Place : the four seasons

The Four Seasons Tapestry artwork by Brittney Lee Character artwork by Bill Schwab. This is one of my favorite pieces of Frozen artwork EVER.

Forever Young

Forever Young

The age is just a little off but that is so true. "Adults Are Only Kids Grown Up.