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Gargoyle Gecko. Photo by Dagan Legg.

Photo by Dagan Legg.

This is a Gargoyle Gecko, but not my particular one.

This is a Gargoyle Gecko, but not my particular one.

New Caledonia Giant Gecko

New Caledonia Giant Gecko

Golden-tailed gecko (Strophurus taenicauda) of Queensland, Australia

Strophurus taenicauda has been assessed as Near Threatened. It is considered rare and has experienced severe habitat losses and fragmentation within its range in the past.

Gargoyle geckos, being nocturnal and arboreal, require a lot of sturdy vines and branches to climb on.

Images and names of popular lizard species. Identification guide to lizard species.

Standing's Day Gecko, Phelsuma standingi

Standing's Day Gecko, Phelsuma standingi - This gecko is endemic to the small region of the Zombitse Forest National Park, Madagascar.

Long-nosed Leopard Lizard

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Yellow gargoyle gecko

Yellow gargoyle gecko - Gargoyle gecko or New Caledonian bumpy gecko (Rhacodactylus auriculatus) is a species of gecko found only on the southern end of the island of New Caledonia.

De Harlequin Gecko, Tukutuku rakiurae (Gekkonidae), voorheen Hoplodactylus rakiurae , is misschien wel het meest opvallende gekko van Nieuw-Zeeland met grote omrand plekken in rijen langs het lichaam, en op de kop [ 1 ]

libutron: “ The Harlequin Gecko: Tukutuku rakiurae (Thomas, The Harlequin Gecko, Tukutuku rakiurae (Gekkonidae), formerly Hoplodactylus rakiurae, is possibly New Zealand’s most distinctive gecko.