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Skot Foreman Gallery M. Escher "Regular Division of the Plane IV" 1957 Print Woodcut 9 x 7 in 25 x 17 cm Limited-edition of 175 Bool 419 © The M. Escher Company B.

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Math Craft Monday: Community Submissions (Plus How to Make Escheresque Tessellated Cubes)

Bird Fish - M.C. Escher

Bird Fish - Artist: M. Escher Completion Date: 1938 Style: Op Art Genre: tessellation Want to do it with cats and fish

BLACK & YELLOW, da-da-is-m: terrenonussbukorrek: M. C....✖️MC Escher (Dutch, 1898–1972).✖️Art  Ideas  Home  Beauty ✖️Fosterginger @ Pinterest✖️

Two Birds, 1938 drawing by M. Escher Birds play a prominent role in our folklore and culture, symbolizing ideas as diverse as peace,.