Gazelle真的變成志玲姊姊了!當《動物方城市》變成真人長這樣? | 妞新聞 niusnews

Nick and Judy, partners in crime. View "Zootopia Fanart That Will Make You Ship Nick and Judy SO HARD" and more funny posts on Dorkly

jack frost and elsa | Seriously. Even Kakashi from Naruto ships it ( GIF via ceecysr )

This spring, look for the Rise of the Animated Films

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Nice humanization, #Zootopia

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I like how it shows them seamlessly working together, and that they don't change at all

I like how it shows them seamlessly working together - I know! Great fanart too, love the flow. Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, zootopia

There's no way, that their relationship is platonic!

Inter-species relationships in Zootopia are probably the equivalent to homosexual relationships for us.

Place of Princes: 6- a stroll in the park by ~knightJJ on deviantART

The true dangers of the forest - Place of Princes: a stroll in the park by knightJJ on deviantART

Jusqu'à ce que vous soyez dans mes bras, souvenez-vous de moi

:,) I thought it woudn’t be THAT good of a movie, but I started crying at the last part. It’s like one of my favorite movies rn