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Best way to play Jenga...

Could do so many different things on these for a fun party game. "Well Jenga just got moved up on the list of fun games lol. I guess I should buy it and get my sharpie party-ready for our next 'date night in' :-)"


Not all "kid themed" activities have to be just for kids. ABCey has found a way to make six childish activities into the most fun adult party activities!

30 Weird And Awesome Inventions. Shut up and take my money!

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Some great ideas I haven't seen.

Tech gadgets life hacks Genius solutions to simple problems that only require normal stuff around the house.

Jenga drinking game rules

If you like playing drinking games and if Jenga is also among your favorites, then the Jenga drinking game is for you.

tablas de jenga con retos                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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Another day, another batch of geeky products and ideanfs that are borderline genius.

I wonder if the knife that also toasts bread would be a cool torture device ( hypothetically of course, for a possible novel murder weapon) which simultaneously cuts and cauterizes wounds?

Family Game Night Ideas: Transform your Jenga game with a fun and very active twist!

Family Game Night Ideas: Jenga with a Twist!

Thats how you drink beer in summer

That's how you drink beer in summer

Drunk Jenga!! Rules are included.                              … …

The real way to play Jenga. The Jenga drinking game. // maybe not this intense, but alternate Jenga could be fun.

Engage students with test prep with JENGA test prep review. This post shares how to use JENGA for engaging test prep review (Love how LOW prep it is). Free printable directions included.

Playing Jenga: Engaging Test Prep

How to make giant DIY yard Jenga - this looks like so much fun! I cannot believe how easy this is to make, too!

DIY Giant Jenga Game

Learn how to make a giant DIY "Jenga" style yard game - you won't believe how easy it is!