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Emerald with Emerald...gorgeous!

Emerald Interior Ideas 10 ways to incorporate emerald into your home. Domino magazine shares ways to use the color emerald or green in your home decor.

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“I love sconce light, and it looks especially good on either side of the mantel. It’s at a nice, flattering height—you don’t get any of those ghoulish shadows you see with overhead lighting. And if your mantel is central to the room, a pair of sconces emphasizes that by creating a nexus of light right there. Candles look beautiful there as well, but only if you have a mantel shelf that’s deep enough—you don’t want to put anything up there you’re nervous about knocking down.”

Alexa Hampton’s Tips on How to Style a Mantel

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Take care about how much time your children spend next to the TV. Limit them the that time for their good, because it’s better to be less with TVs and more out with friends.