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Pears, Apples and Plums in a Willow Basket I. Grown in garden (non-supermarket).

Sweet juicy pears drip down your chin, lovingly nurtured you can't help but grin.

Pera William pear - A superb old variety, the fruit is large, sweet and very juicy.

14 Amazing Benefits and Uses Of Mandarin Oranges For Skin, Hair and Health

14 Amazing Benefits Of Mandarin Oranges For Skin, Hair and Health

Honeycrisp -The fruit is mostly orange-red with a yellow background. The fruit averages three inches and up, and stores well. Outstanding winter hardiness. is moderately resistant to apple scab. Tree is non-vigorous and late-blooming. Pollination Information Honeycrisp™ blooms in mid-season and will pollinate all other early blooming apple varieties, varieties blooming in the middle of the season, and also varieties blooming late in the season.

honeycrisp-our favorite apple. We may have done a store jig when they came in this year.

A semi-dwarf peach tree will be the main structural component of the garden with the soil slightly raised beneath it. Herbs and flowers will be interplanted underneath the tree

Companion Planting for Fruit Trees: Natural Insect Repellents

Peach trees, Prunus persica, are originally believed to have come from China to the Mideast through the trade routes known to extend to Turkey and Iran (Persia). The peach seeds could be used to plant and grow trees throughout North A